• Apple’s 3nm – Tech giant Apple is reportedly developing its own AI server processor, utilizing TSMC’s advanced 3nm process with anticipated mass production by the second half of 2025.
  • Photoshop AI – Adobe introduces «Generate Image» tool in Photoshop, enabling image creation from text prompts.
  • $1.1B Deal – Coca-Cola commits to spending $1.1 billion over five years to use Microsoft’s cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology for streamlining operations and finding new growth opportunities.
  • Combating Child Abuse – Major AI firms, including Google, Meta, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Amazon, have committed to examining their AI training data to remove any child sexual abuse material to ensure it doesn’t appear in upcoming models.
  • «Miss AI» Beauty Pageant – AI platform Fanvue, in partnership with the World AI Creator Awards, launched the world’s first «Miss AI» competition, stirring widespread criticism. Critics bluntly label the initiative as a monumental step backwards.

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